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Austin Meros’s shoulders face forward with head turned to the right, lit dramatically, not smiling

I chose to work in the field of graphic design because of the wide array of skills it encourages you to have, and all the different types of people you get to work with. In a way, you are a visual reporter, learning about a situation, person, or event, then reciting it back to others in a visually interesting way.

Austin Meros’s shoulders face forward with head turned to the right, lit dramatically, not smiling
Austin Meros’s shoulders face forward looking straight on to the camera, lit dramatically, slight upturned smile upturned on the left side of the mouth
Austin Meros’s shoulders face forward, gaze to the forward right, lit dramatically, close mouth, subtle smile
Digital render of detailed greeble-covered cube inside a digital landscape of purple and gold

What or who inspires you?

Austin: BeepleCrap, Josh Pierce, Stuzor, Safehaven_hq, silicagraphics, Hazem Talaat, iamsrrender, Territory Studio, ilovedust, Timo Helgert, Juuso Hämäläinen, Michael Sidofsky.

What’s something you like to do when you travel?

Austin: Photography. It allows me to more easily remember the memories from where I’ve been, and acts as another creative outlet.

What do you geek out about?

Austin: Obscure retro tech, computers, cars, space.

Embrace the changes you go through … You’ll make some really bad shit, but as long as you keep creating you can’t fail.

What are you listening to right now?

Austin: 1788-L, Topi, Space Laces, Tisoki, JOYRYDE, Virtual Riot, OVERWERK, Ray Volpe.

What advice would you give your past self?

Austin: Don’t be naïve, you aren’t as good as you think. Understand that there is a lot to learn. Embrace the changes you go through. Just because you are no longer interested in something doesn’t mean you’ll never go back to it again. You’ll make some really bad shit, but as long as you keep creating, you can’t fail.

Digital poster with blue edge. Icon at top shows scribbles, with arrows between each, going from lower the mass to lower the strength, each scribble getting less dense. Gravitational equation on upper right. Wavy text of gravity repeating in a column on the right hand side. Digital poster of rocky barren landscape, dramatic sunset lighting and cool blues, dark silhouetted trees and large rocks in the background. A figure walks alone on the left, further back from the foreground. In the center a large white skull outline with a white arch and white fragments looms over the setting sun. Digital poster, white column on far left third of the poster. Three black vertical bars read interval guesses, the waves, and correct intervals, respectively with varying vertical design elements leading down the white column. Large text in white column reads Memory Trace vertically. The right two thirds of the poster are black with digitally generated mountain-like ranges made of white topographical grids, one upside down, the other right side up with a computer generated spherical grid in between them. Black digital graphic poster with red dramatically lit hands and arms reaching up toward a cube outlined in neon white, with a glowing yellow brain inside. Graphic poster with black background and white star burst at top. Text reads Perspective. Additional icons show an infinity symbol next to a grid of three digital black and white textures with text below on weather changes. Graphic space poster with vertical yellow futuristic font reading Time Warp. White space graphics and scene of space and planets.

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