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Kalila looks at the camera with slight smile, dramatic lighting, arms to the side

Kalila (Huh-LEE-luh) J. Fuller is a Native American illustrator born and raised in Portland. Her personal work centers on themes surrounding civil and social inequality within the United States, her heritage, and her childhood experiences growing up in Oregon. She can be reached by putting out a fresh cup of chai at dawn while humming an out-of-tune 80’s hit, or by email at

Kalila looks at the camera with slight smile, dramatic lighting, arms to the side
Kalila looks at camera with head tilted back, dramatic lighting, hands at hips
Kalila laughs with eyes closed facing camera, dramatic lighting, hands on lap
Graphic illustration of large green fronds, a girl in a red tank top sits in one of the folds of the leaves

What word do you overuse?

Kalila: Makes finger guns hand motion while simultaneously saying “Finger guns.” Usually to signify an end to a rant or story.

What would your alter ego do, if not design/illustration?

Kalila: I really wanted to be an Egyptologist ever since my parents took me to see a mummy exhibit at OMSI when I was 5.

What is one thing you want to learn right now?

Kalila: A new language. Maybe Spanish?

What do you do to get “unstuck?”

Kalila: I do all the things I’ve been putting off doing while trying to “make art.” That usually involves cleaning my house/studio. Usually getting proactive about those things relieves my subconscious, and then it is easier to focus on a project.

Sweet or salty? Cake or pie? Coffee/tea?

Kalila: Sweet. Cake (pie is just hot fruit). TEA.

Graphic Illustrated portrait of Ella Fitzgerald with white flowers in her hair Graphic Illustrated portrait of Nina Simone with black dress and gold necklaces Graphic illustration of old tv with antenna, white noise on screen with various shapes emerging from it in a wave like pattern Peaceful graphic illustration of snowy landscape with a cabin in the far right, geese flying across the sky Photograph of wheat pasted posters of graphic illustrated portraits of missing indigenous women and calls to action for justice, in a checkered grid Graphic red poster, bold red text writes 5,712* In numbers too big to Ignore, the number has a white paint-like brush strokes as emphasis Graphic illustrated portrait of Brenda Janette Campbell, age 51, a missing indigenous woman. Name and age written in small font at bottom left Illustrated poster with bold pink text reading 4 in 5 ntv women experience violence in their lifetime. Violence emphasised with red brush strokes over text Graphic illustrated portrait of Ramona Lisa Wilson, age 16, an indigenous missing person. Name and age in small text at bottom left Graphic illustration of a spooky forest scene, a young woman in the foreground walking past. Her own shadow is the silhouette of a wolf

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