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graphic design

Trung photographed in dramatic lighting while beatboxing, one hand raised in front of his lips and the other pointing in front of him as he moves.

Trung Bao is a Hanoi-born, multi-disciplinary artist specializing in voice, visual art, design, and performance. His videos have reached 50,000,000 total views online. Winning some of the biggest beatbox competitions in the world, he was the first to place Vietnam on the international map and became respected worldwide. Trung has performed around the world with the legendary Jazz musician Nguyen Le. He has also founded a creative studio:, and produces visuals & experiences for music events, exhibitions, & commercials.

Trung photographed in dramatic lighting while beatboxing, one hand raised in front of his lips and the other pointing in front of him as he moves.
Trung crouched looking directly at the camera in front of him, hands pressed together in a 'please' or prayer gesture, resting against his nose.
Trung sits in dramatic lighting, casually, one elbow resting on his knee, looking directly at the camera.
Trung beatboxes at podium, in silhouette, with bright green, blue, and black liquid digital projection behind him. Green type design on red video, reads 'Bathrobe Kids Do Nothing But Dance.' Still screen shows central figure dancing, hot colors, blurred low-res digital noisy image. 3-D hypercolor bold text design in rainbow blues and metallic sheen, reads 'Bad Bunny.'

What do you do to get “unstuck?”

Trung: I find a new thing to learn and get excited about. I believe that everything adds up. There's an infinite amount of things to learn, and I believe they will eventually support each other in my creative process. But if it’s overwhelming, I can play video games instead.

What's something you like to do when you travel?

Trung: Meeting people and learning about their stories and perspectives.

There’s no destination, only progress.

How do you want to shape, or change, design?

Trung: I believe technology is the key to the development of design. I want to show the world the beauty of mixed media.

What advice would you give your past self?

Trung: There’s no destination, only progress.

Why do you do what you do?

Trung: I love creating and sharing experiences that impact people’s lives in different ways. Music and art to me are great tools to reach people.

Photo of male-presenting figure with geometric cuts in closely cropped hair, round gold and red glasses, nose ring, and gold chain jewelry. Shards of mirror and metal cut into bottom of image, and are cut out of photograph, mixed together. Bright pink, light blue and gold textured image in vaporwave style reads ACID ACID. Bright blue, abstract 3-d skull and shards in design, peach and orange textured design in vaporwave style reads ACID ACID ACID ACID (acid graphics). A hot colored still from video shows an abstracted iris of an eye in dark linework and grainy gradient colors in reds and pinks. Another still from the video with similar design, plus bright blue circles. 3d rendering of town, in what looks like translucent white acrylic lit with bright blue and lavender-pinks. 3D Bold type says 'you can ask' in light teal. Teal background with fruity-colored 3d letters with rounded colors, designed to look like kids’ refrigerator magnets, says 'whatever' repeatedly. Square lavender, orange, and  metallic image says 'collision' and 'digital physics' with an android figure fracturing into shards, or being built from shards. Digital rendering of humanoid android figure, looking down from side, drips with lavenders and blues on hot peach background. Small white text shows numbers. Rendering of skull breaking through face of figure facing right, in bright and deep teal colors, with vertical lines of color through figure. Vietnamese text on right. Metallic silver skull breaks through liquid gold skin, with red to yellow gradient in background. Screaming, white plastic looking head in grungy translucent white box lit red, on olive stone floor and dramatic lighting. Digitally combined image contains what looks like classic sculpture face, human hair in bun on back of head, and swirls of texture and color mixing throughout. Hibiscus flower and mum bloom from figure at neck and side of face. VBC2018 poster with bold text, dark teal gray background, and rendering of face that is in some places pixellated, in some places melting, and breaking into shards. Metallic sheen in some places and grainy texture in others. Reads Vietnam Beatbox Championship.

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