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Justice stands in dramatic lighting, glancing with smile to the right side, right hand resting at nape of their neck

Justice Apollo Burnes is a nonbinary artist from the Pacific Northwest. Much of his work is centered around queer identity and expression. Though he studied illustration, Justice is drawn toward the realm of design with its use of bold, graphic shape language, typography, and vibrant colors. In his spare time, Justice can be found cooking and napping, or playing Animal Crossing.

Justice stands in dramatic lighting, glancing with smile to the right side, right hand resting at nape of his neck
Justice stands in dramatic lighting, left side to camera, smiling glance at camera, right hand resting at nape of neck
Justice stands in dramatic lighting, facing camera, both hands in peace signs covering face
Colorful sci-fi illustration, three figures running away from a fenced area with area 51 sign and an alien figure in flames on right hand side

What do you collect? Or, What are you obsessed with?

Justice: I collect glass bottles and jars, preferably with cork tops. I’d love for my bedroom to look like an old apothecary filled with bottles full of mysterious objects and potions.

What is one thing you want to learn right now?

Justice: I really want to learn American Sign Language, I’m hoping to take some classes for it after I graduate from PNCA.

My alter ego would probably be an interior designer… I love homes with tons of color and texture.

What’s an album you can’t live without?

Justice: An album I could never live without is 35XXXV from One Ok Rock, it’s gotten me through so many hard times and inspires me to keep working.

What fictional/video game character would you be?

Justice: If I was a video game character I’d be Prompto Argentum from Final Fantasy XV… but, like, if he had a little more depression.

What would your alter ego do, if not design/illustration?

Justice: My alter ego would probably be an interior designer; I’ve been watching HGTV for as long as I can remember. I love homes with tons of color and texture. My dream house would be filled with vintage and antique furniture painted in bright and punchy colors, with cozy fabrics and soft lighting.

Illustrated poster of tamago kake gohan dish with illustrated steps Dramatic illustration of man with face tattoos and a hand at his neck, surrounded by hands holding cellphones Illustrated woman in formal yellow dresses drinking tea in a rose garden Illustrated red text I Am The Beast I Worship cut in half by water line Illustration of three hands holding wine glasses together Sketchbook page of egg illustrations cracked open, emoting sadness, text reads Just Crack Your Fucking Head Open Like An Egg Bold busy sketchbook spread of person crying surrounded by chaos of eggs, pans, chairs, art, flowers, knife Bold illustrated red skull with blue slash across it, explosion of pink skull shards

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