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De La

Paola exuberantly stands in dramatic light with arms stretched up and outward above her head, smiling with eyes closed

Paola De La Cruz spent her most impressionable years in the Dominican Republic alongside the warm sun and singing wind. Upon moving to Boston at the age of nine, she was inspired by the activist movements happening around her. Paola interweaves digital and analog media, patterns, stitching, and shape-based illustrations to evoke intimacy while challenging the themes of cultural identity and coming-of-age.

Paola exuberantly stands in dramatic light with arms stretched up and outward above her head, smiling with eyes closed
Paola stands in dramatic lighting arms up over her head, hair flying as if she’s jumping or falling
Paola stands confidently in dramatic lighting, gaze forward to camera, right arm on her side, left arm crossed over her waist
GIF of naked woman doing yoga, body slowly bending into common dancers pose. Image starts all black, and slowly transitions in gradient ending in loose linework Triptych of collaged icons, left shows black/latinx hands in cuffs made of medical tag, hands crossed, middle shows a black woman with blue hair in the shape of a facebook 'like' icon, right shows naked black women with arm over her head holding a flower up to her armpit Bright digital illustration of a naked black/latinx woman laying back in field, blue body, flowers overlaying her body, arms relaxed over her head of full, curly hair Mixed media illustration of naked black/latinx woman sitting with legs bent and arm over head filling most of the frame, hand gently touching her legs with body hair. Mixed media digital collage self portrait illustration of Paola’s profile view sticking her tongue out, a piece of scrap paper overlaying her forehead and eyes, flowers in the background Handbound book with stitched binding and fabric scrap lettering, text reads, 'Dumb shit white people say' Hand bound book with front cover laid open exposing rock pattern inside cover and scraps of inner pages with hand sewn texture and detail Handmade book layed open two page spread with fabric pages, image of eye and three swords sewn in with sewn text below eye reading 'I don't see color' Mixed media digital collage illustration of blakc/latinx woman’s portrait, made up of pencil drawing, digital color and scraps of scanned paper and fibers Illustrated GIF in blue linework, a latinx woman’s head peeks up from the bottom left of the image, her arm reaches and pulls a strand of curls up and away from head and lets go letting curl snap back into place

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