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Tom sits in dramatic lighting, gaze forward with gentle smile, hands together at lap

Tom D’Amore grew up in the small town of Collinsville, Connecticut. He spent most of his time digging through his local libraries’ comic selections and learning how to create his own world through the use of pen and ink. Now, Tom uses bold, black-and-white contrast, color, and intricate linework to evoke atmosphere and surrealism.

Digital illustration of an alligator being attacked by dog-like monster with marijuana-leafed tail against a flat red background, with marijuana paraphernalia encircling them

What or who inspires you?

Tom: Artists like Sergio Toppi, Rockwell Kent, Masashi Kishimoto, and Alex Ross.

What would your alter ego do?

Tom: I would become an animator (and currently am working on doing so!).

Make art for yourself, and the rest will follow.

What advice would you give your past self?

Tom: Make art for yourself, and the rest will follow.

Who would you love to collaborate with one day?

Tom: Alex Gray. His ability to mix anatomical, spiritual, and high realistic knowledge so seamlessly in his paintings is inspiring.

If you could go anywhere and draw, where would you go?

Tom: I would go to my favorite beach cove in Santa Cruz.

Digital illustration with heavy black linework and flat color of chameleons in a moody jungle scene Black and white linework. Left half shows a bulldog facing left surrounded by foliage, right half shows a woman from shoulders up facing right in a beach scene Black and white line work on flat black background, mystical elk man in a whimsical forest scene Mixed media illustration of a coastal scene against a red background, with a winding road along the jagged cliff edge. Two people sit on a log on a beach below the cliffs Detailed linework of a sprig, three leaves branching out along a central stalk Digital illustration of Jimi Hendrix throwing his head back playing a guitar, with yellow swirls coming from mouth denoting sounds, electric guitar and flames in the foreground Triptych illustration- top, blue, shows a web of marijuana leaves and tinctures; middle, red, shows a face with four eyes and a road cutting across; bottom, yellow, shows a head and brain with chemical codes and marijuana buds flowing

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